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Most useful ways to find a low priced wedding dress

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Most brides only ever want to get married once. When the special day is over, the cake eaten and the honeymoon photos filed, it's time to considercarefully what related to your wedding dress. There are several options, such as saving it to create a Christening robe for your first born son or daughter. However, if you opt to sell your
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, it's important to consider just how to ship it to its new owner.

If your new buyer lives near to you, then delivering the marriage dress your self will save you the trouble and worry of shipping it. You should still ensure that you have the dress in some kind of protective cover. The dress maker will usually offer you a cover once you simply take delivery of the dress your self.

For every single other sort of delivery, it is likely that you will have to pack the dress up in some manner before dispatching it onwards. Wedding dresses come in a number of fabrics, styles and colours. Make certain you have the dress professionally cleaned before you pack and ship it. This could also will give you protective plastic cover.

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Place the marriage dress on a hanger and suspend it from a door frame or curtain rail so that as much of it as you possibly can hangs freely. Next, locate a large cardboard box approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and around 12 inches deep at the least (1m by 1m by 30 cm). You'll also need a few large sheets of white tissue paper. Don't use coloured tissue paper as any moisture in the dress fabric may cause the colour in the tissue paper to perform onto the dress in transit.

Place the box on to the floor and put a layer of tissue paper in the bottom of the box leaving plenty overhanging the sides. Just take the dress, still on the hanger, and lay it within the box so your end of the skirt or train sits directly within the box. Push sheets of tissue paper up within the dress as flat as you can.

Place a sheet of tissue paper over the dress fabric, after which fold each side of the dress over towards the centre of the box onto the tissue. Do not allow fabric touch fabric as you fold the edges in, always keep a layer of tissue paper between the layers of dress fabric. Once the bottom of the dress is snugly within the box, make sure there's a layer of tissue paper on top. Then fold the dress back on it self.

Continue doing this folding and adding tissue paper on a concertina fashion. If your dress has sleeves, carefully fold them in, keeping tissue paper between then and the bodice of the dress. Finish by placing the hanger on top of the dress. If you're able to get yourself a sachet of silicon moisture absorber from a craft store, add this to the box, however, not directly touching the dress. Place a final sheet of tissue paper on the top and close the box lid.

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Secure the box with adhesive tape. Then wrap the box with brown paper and secure again. Write the delivery address clearly in pen on the front of the package. Write your personal name and get back address on the package. If you're sending the dress overseas, you may also need to affix an airmail sticker and a customs form to the package.

You need to use a commercial carrier to ship your wedding dress, or your personal national postal service. Be sure you have the item weighed and precisely recorded, and opt for having it signed for at the destination. For large items of mail, there is certainly frequently the chance to add insurance to cover loss or damage which is smart to pay a little extra with this.

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